First, you'll sit down with your hypnotist and clearly define what it is you'd like to accomplish.

Next, you and your hypnotist will develop a "script" to address these issues on a subconscious level.

Finally, you will be guided into a hypnotic state. You will be fully aware of everything going on as you are guided on a path of healing.

You'll be awakened and will likely feel amazing. You cannot get "stuck" in hypnosis. You'll immediately be fully awake and able to drive yourself home.

You'll have the opportunity to discuss the session before you leave.

  • Expect to be taught some amazing things.
  • Expect to leave some of your troubles there when you leave.
  • Expect to relax and be renewed
  • Expect to be safe and secure
  • Expect rapid change
  • Expect a positive experience
  • Expect a caring guide dedicated to helping you
  • Expect a new you.