​Jenna P. (Erlanger, KY.)

Heartache is not age specific. I walked into Dr. Mike's office a broken woman at 26. He approached my case with knowledge, understanding and authority. I recommend Encore Hypnosis to everyone I meet who is struggling with feelings of rejection or abandonment. Dr. Mike is not an actual doctor and, he made that crystal clear but, he fixed my heart without medicine and I prefer that to hiding behind pharmaceutical blinders. My favorite doctors are those who cure, not those who just treat the symptoms.

Amy P. (Ft. Thomas)

It was kind of hard to get an appointment but well worth the effort. I'm dating again and feeling hot... Thanks Dr. Mike

Vanessa J. (Montgomery, OH)

To be honest, it took me quite some time to actually get in to Dr. Mike's office but, it was a whirlwind of wisdom. The hypnosis guides have a way of making you feel like you CAN do this. You CAN recover. It was worth the price admission just to get the positive input and the hope back into my life. After only six sessions, I feel like this is the best version of me that I've ever seen. Dr. Mike rocks!

Mary Ann A. (Northside)

A short trip to Covington changed my life. That's no exaggeration, either. I walked into the office crying and Dr. Mike  talked me off the ledge and helped me understand WHY I was feeling so defeated and showed me how to overcome. Encore was the blessing I needed in that moment. This is the real deal y'all!

Monica H.  (Hyde Park)

Being suddenly single at almost 50 was terrifying. Dr. Mike's understanding of women, men and human behavior was amazing. I walked out of there a new woman.

Jaquie M. (Avondale)

Coming to grips with your own destructive history is a hard lesson. However, having the details spoon-fed to you by someone who is compassionate and who has the ability to help sure makes it much easier to do.

Jackson F. (Centerville, OH)

Guys get broken hearts too and it's not a sign of weakness. It's a sign of not understanding relationships. My hypnotist .helped me sort through my perceptions of love and the realities of relationships. I am so much more skilled at relationships than before. I wish I had gone years sooner. AMAZING

Tanisha K. (Cincinnati)

I was shocked at the results of my sessions. I felt relief from my sadness in the first session! I can't say enough about the caring treatment I received...