At Encore Hypnosis we want to help you. Therefore, we have several payment options . If you need our help, we'll find a way.

​​Initial Consultation:  Come in and see if hypnosis is right for you.                              Free

1 - One Hour Session:  Schedule a session to begin your healing.                $  159

3 - One Hour Series:  Recommended for everyday issues that hold you back.        $  425

6-  One Hour Series: If you're serious about facing your challenges and healing.           $  799

9 - One Hour Series:  Recommended by your Hypnosis Guide on a case-by-case basis   $1125

Hypnosis is most effective when scheduled in 3-6 or 9 sessions packages with reinforcement sessions scheduled, as needed.

Appointments available in the evenings!

Call now : 1-859-905-3473