If your issues are more unique or more specific, your Hypnotist can work with you on a custom designed program to help you achieve the results you seek. 

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Anxiety is one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world and it is never so intense as when you're going through a heartache. This custom designed plan utilizes the advanced hypnosis techniques that have enabled countless people to release the panic and return to a peaceful mind. With the mind calmed, you can begin to think more clearly and look at the situation realistically. As you begin to heal, you become more attractive, not only to the one who hurt you but also to people who may be more qualified to love and respect you. ​For many people it takes more than knowing their thoughts are restricting them to overcome self doubt. Am I good enough, smart enough, young or old enough to pursue this or that? Am I just kidding myself with this positive thinking stuff? Sometimes these kind of inner questions are rooted in and related to events that profoundly effected your view of yourself.  Interactive hypnosis can help you find and release the causes so you can overcome the anxiety and be see your unique value to the world.


Many issues that women and men face as they grow older stem from a perceived loss of sex appeal. When we're young, our life often revolves around our sex appeal. Our hormones are raging and pheromones are flying, making it easy to meet new people who might find us attractive and spark a new relationship fire. Often times when a woman gets into her 30's, 40's and 50's and beyond, she no longer believes that she has what it takes to attract a new love interest. The same for men who are aging. In my research, I have found that this is nothing more than a miscommunication between the sexes. Many men are shocked when they hear a woman say that she used to be sexy or, she remembers when she was. Confident women are sexy. Period! Hypnosis will help you awaken your sexiness and ignite your mojo. It can even help in raising important hormones to healthier levels. 10 to 20% of all erectile dysfunction in men can be directly linked to emotional or psychological problems meaning, that there may be little or no physical reason for your E.D. Often it's a combination of physical and emotional factors. In women, the same effect seems to happen. Although your body may still function normally, your emotional well-being and self-doubt often stands in the way of having a romantic and passionate love life. ​Hypnotherapy can help you overcome negative messages so that you feel comfortable and act confidently in all areas of your life (i.e. work, school, relationships, sports, performing, public speaking, etc.). As the title implies, it is "self" confidence. Therefore, your hypnotic guide will help you address the life experiences that have bruised your confidence and map out a clear plan to regain it through the many techniques available through hypnosis.


Repeatedly seeking out, rather conscious or not, toxic relationships is just a repeated thought pattern and a consistent set of actions that run a pattern in your life, automatically. Your "inner-child" or your "soul" subconsciously recognizes something in the other person that appears familiar. Encore Hypnosis can help you manage the impulses that keep leading you into these unfulfilling encounters. As a rule, if you are immediately attracted to someone, run like the wind in the other direction because this person is just more of the same.


By now, most of us have heard of The Law of Attraction. You can search the Internet for more information but, in a nutshell the Law of Attraction says that "thoughts become things." Encore Hypnosis has developed a unique program dedicated to helping you "turbocharge" your belief in the fact that your thoughts create your life. One of the fundamental concepts of The Law of Attraction is that you must get your negative thoughts out of the way in order to manifest the new thoughts that will ultimately change your life. Through a series of hypnosis sessions, we can move those core beliefs aside and allow you to begin to create your new life by using all of tools that you have learned by watching "The Secret" or studying the Law of Attraction through the Internet, YouTube, books and/ or study groups. The Law of Attraction IS REAL. It is always active and your thoughts are ALREADY creating your reality. Just as the law of gravity works the same in everyone's life, so does The Law of Attraction. Your life, financial status, relationships and feelings about yourself have created the life you now are living. If you're searching for a way to change your course to a more positive direction through the use of The Law of Attraction, consider this program to "fast-forward" your new quest for happiness and fullfillment.