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En Vogue ~ 1992

Hypnosis is the language of the mind

At Encore Hypnosis we build a program around your needs. Although most programs are fairly common in nature, we take the time to understand what you're looking to accomplish with your hypnosis. Our Center is a small, boutique style practice offering unprecedented client service. This kind of personal attention is often unavailable in larger clinics.

Why not? Hypnosis is an effective, harmless way to get to the core of your issues. With one of our skilled guides, you can discover the origins of issues that seem "normal" to you. However, those "normal" things and/or thoughts may be holding you back from finding true love, starting a new career, moving on or moving up. Many clients are astounded by the understanding they can gain even in just one visit.

Encore Hypnosis is here to help you. Located just across the Roebling Bridge (Blue Bridge) in Covington, we are convenient to all of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. We will gently guide you into a natural state of self-hypnosis and guide you into the corners of your mind where we can insert empowering suggestions that you have scripted. 

Why hypnosis?